Women's+ Season 2 Power Rankings: Week 1

1 Blue Baracooters (Carolina Blue) 1-0

No sleep looks good on QB Meg. Out here throwing TDs like she’s slinging diapers.

The Baracooters were eating up the competition like a camel toe. But, Veteran and commissioner Jayme spent more time trying to pronounce “swag” than blocking the rushers and allowed 3 sacs … .in a row..

They can thank Jamilah for carrying the defense. By the third quarter Carolina Blue settled into their impending W and added insult to injury by letting Camille QB. Overall this team had a solid defense and offense and let’s see if Meg can lead yet another team to another championship…if we get to play it this year

2 Weird barbies (Neon Pink) 1-0

“Their in the splits, they have a funky haircut, and they rely on their defense.” We didn’t know what to expect with a team full of volleyball players…and Mecha.

Mecha got a pick6 and Bre didn’t spare the blockers. Also, New QB-who dis? Maybe she’s the Pope with the amount of Hail Marys she was throwing. Offense was supported by Rookies Lex, Pam, and Dana and the team managed to score 3TDs, even if they were accidental. Let’s see how long Pink’s defense can carry the team as new QB Emily gets adjusted.

3 Green Eggs Gone Ham (Forest Green) 0-1

Green eggs gone ham, it’s giving more like turkey bacon. With a team full of travel players and DC Fray Allstars, expectations were high for this team. Lizzie B returns for her second season as QB where she’s finally able to see over her blockers, but it didn’t matter because her receivers couldn’t catch many of her passes.

Nikki couldn’t haul in enough one-hand catches to carry the team to victory-even if she had, the other team would have contested it. If Forrest green doesn’t get their act together then Captain Sam-I-Am Cline won’t be able to stop Nikki from benching the entire team.

4 Squirters (Lime) 0-1

Twas a pretty dry scene for a team named squirters. There were dropped balls, bad passes, but, hey, at least everyone got to play! League favorite and new AARP card holder Lindsey, was catching more attitude than passes as the game went on. Captain Linda will have to balance the want to win the game v. miss congeniality as the season progresses.

Lime green has a team full of potential and talent, and we look forward to next week’s game to see if the lime juice will be worth the squeeze. Don’t worry Lime green, the nice guys don’t always finish last…..just in this power ranking