Women's+ Season 2 Power Rankings: Week 2

1 Blue Baracooters (Carolina Blue) 2-0

No Meg? No Problem. The Barracooters won again this week, 27-18 against Lime Green, and this game truly had a little bit of everything.. With Meg Lukacs out, the Barracooters started Camille Thompson as QB this week, and she stepped up for them big time. With two TDs on the ground and one through the air, Camille did her best Lamar Jackson impression and helped steer Carolina Blue to victory. 

Munroe Bell-Rose ran a kickoff back for a touchdown faster than Beyonce’s tour selling out. Marla Woodarek took over the final drive of the game with three sacks and a safety. Captain Nik Battaglia finally showed up after missing last Friday due to mourning the loss of Aaron Rodgers COVID-19 and likely recorded the first crotch-blocked-punt in DCGFFL history. Again, a little bit of everything in this one, whether you wanted it or not. 

Carolina Blue’s defense struggled with Lime Green at times, but slammed the door shut when it mattered most. A nice blend of savvy veterans and new talent have the Barracooters at the top of the rankings heading into a Week Three showdown with the Weird Barbies.

Live look at Nik’s special teams skills

2 Green Eggs Gone Ham (Forest Green) 1-1

Turkey bacon no longer! We got full-flavored, cholesterol-raising bacon from Forest Green this week as they left no doubt in their 33-6 dismantling of Weird Barbies. Game MVP Taylor recorded a receiving touchdown and three interceptions, including one returned for a score. QB Lizzie B threw four touchdowns and scored a two-point conversion. Green Eggs Gone Ham flexed their defensive muscles with SEVEN total interceptions this week in a game that was full of them. Captain Sam Cline must be feeling pretty proud of her squad this week, and grateful to stave off Nikki benching everyone - at least for another week. They play Lime Green next week.

3 Weird barbies (Neon Pink) 1-1

Friday was a tough one for our plasticky friends, the Weird Barbies. Picked off by Green Eggs Gone Ham seven times, this game was messier than the bathrooms at the Season 25 Anniversary Party. Credit to Pink’s defense, they forced five turnovers of their own and savvy veteran Rachel Browning ran one back for a score. While we don’t expect Weird Barbies to turn it over this much going forward, right now Neon Pink is giving a lot more Existential Crisis than Malibu Dream House.

4 Squirters (Lime) 0-2

Despite being 0-2, Lime Green had a much juicier performance this week. League curmudgeon Lindsey and developing rock star Aubrey gave the Carolina Blue defense trouble all game as they both found the endzone. QB Mere Bell had zero hesitation in airing it out or running it in for a score, and treated us all to a very primal Xena, Warrior Princess scream afterwards.

With tough defenders, an experienced quarterback and good athletes, these Squirters are a lot juicier than their sour record indicates. I expect them to turn it around soon.