Women's+ Season 3 Power Rankings: Week 8

1 First and Gold (Gold) 6-2

This team is poised for a fantastic playoff run, as long as their QB is available and the team remains healthy. Shayne, Mel, and Jayme are all looking for their third W+ title, this one earned, not handed over. Lynch made a victory against Sapphicfire look easy, even without Captain Shayne. Game 2 Lynch had to “work”, and only played half a game, and lost to Orange is the New Flag, pushing the Green Beans down a spot in the rankings. Jayme did her best at QB against Orange, and lost by only 1 point, which says far more about Orange than Gold… Meg B, Week 8 MVP, came out strong with 19 points; we highly recommend that someone starts guarding her. Also, recommendation, teams should also stop throwing in the general vicinity of Taylor, who will OBJ passes from the sky. Rumor has it, this team is donning Red pom poms and jerseys at the 8:30AM game, as they think this is the path of least resistance to the top.

2 Orange is the New Flag (Texas Orange) 5-3

What a comeback for this team. After a brief stint in the bottom half of the rankings (we would like to think it was from our motivating words from our rankings last week), the double header double win could not have come sooner for Orange. The rain and the other team’s schedules seem to have been on their side this week. At the 9:00 game, Orange’s rusher could be seen slipping into Navy’s QB for a sack…after sack….after sack. Word on the street is Orange heard that Navy did not want to play in the rain and decided to use the weather as a sneaky 8th player on the field. In the second game, we were treated to an early potential championship matchup between the first and second ranked teams where Orange came out on top. We can thank Lynch’s “job” for this win. This duo is excited to see what happens next week vs Navy or Sapphire to see if Orange’s luck holds up.

3 Green Beans (Kelly Green) 5-3

If there was any doubt before, let us clear that up for you now- the QB makes or breaks these games. Green missing their starting QB, and back up QB, and their third QB, makes a HUGE difference. First time QB, long time player, Erin, stepped up and definitely deserves kudos for her performance, unfortunately for Green, it wasn’t enough. To be fair to the team, they were handicapped with no bench (not counting Kori), no ball, no QB, and no captain. Despite those obstacles, this team came out and played with a lot of heart, that’s not too hard with Amanda on your team. Next week, Red and Green get to have a rematch with both team’s (mostly) full roster. It will be one to see, and Meg we know nothing has mattered so far- let’s see what you can do!

4 Bluebies (Navy) 4-4

The game this week shows the power of a positive attitude! (and a negative one). Minutes before game time, the energy on Navy’s sidelines was like the weather, depressing. From the beginning of the game it was clear that no one wanted to be there and unfortunately the gameplay showed. Despite a strong opening drive with a beautiful touchdown pass to Dana, this team could not get on the same page. We will give some credit to the rain for making conditions less than ideal, but the costly penalties can’t be blamed on Mother Nature. As we have said before, this team is strong- when they are there. Now we mean mentally and physically. Also contributing are some unfortunate injuries to their strongest players, with 3 broken fingers and other ailments, this team may be limping into playoffs, but, this duo’s hope is not gone yet! When this team wins, they blow the other team’s out of the water and there is no doubt that playoffs could be their best run yet! Let’s hope it doesn’t rain on Sunday for their sake.

5 SapphicFire (Sapphire) 2-6

Sapphicfire managed to score 14 against mighty Gold, but it was not good enough to secure a victory. Regardless, a W would have only boosted moral, and not Sapphicfire’s standings. Kori and Nour were the only two players able to score. Great news for the team is that Sarah M continues to look stronger in the pocket every week. Kori also proved that age is just a number, as they danced down the field, dodging flag pulls, laying out, and making endzone barrel roll catches, showing off those synthetic hip joints. Jeannie also denied Taylor, three times, by jumping very high, and maybe some light holding. The battle of the blues is starting at 8:30AM Sunday. Captain Steph, put those reading glasses on and start reviewing tape: let’s hope for the Sapphic’s sake, there is not a repeat of the last time these two teams met, where Bluebies were playing on another level.

6 Red-y or Not (Red) 2-6

Red came ahead against the Green Beans on Sunday thanks to their opponent having a volunteer QB, less than 7 players, penalty calls, and mud. Their defense managed to have 4 INT, quite impressive, but let’s see if they can do that against Green Beans again this week, when QB1 Meg is back in the pocket. Em L is starting to get comfortable with her receivers, tossing TDs to Val, Stacey, and Pam. Pam impressed with great defense and a 60 yd TD. Did y’all know she also moonlights as a Kickball Gay? We have some work to do to convert her to a full time footballer… Captain Judy, get your troops in line and stop holding those rushers, maybe you can come out ahead on this one. Remember, opposing QB Meg has famously said, nothing matters until the playoffs.