These honors are awarded at the end of each football season to the players that best demonstrate those qualities of the award.

Charlie Salem Award

The Charlie Salem Award is the League’s highest honor. The Charlie Salem Award is given to the person who has impacted the success and perpetuity of the league, has demonstrated strong commitment to his/her team, and has embodied the attributes of a good sport. This person has also played the game skillfully and is a leader both on and off the field. Nominees will be suggested by the Captains.

Past Recipients    

2022 - Trey Phillips
2021 - Scott Graham
2019 - Joe Heron
2018 - Brian Hotchkiss
2017 - Samuel Brown
2016 - Steve Gong
2015 - Sam Smallwood and Sean Wilkerson
2014 - Barry Mauck
2013 - Sean Bartel
2012 - Chris Cormier
2011 - Brandon Waggoner
2010 - JJ Johnson

John Boyd Ally Award

Boyd was an incredible ally to the community. Though he didn’t identify as LGBTQ+, he lifted our community up through his actions, leading on and off the field, and demonstrating all the best qualities of allyship. His big smile and bigger heart never failed to elevate and uplift his teammates in competitive camaraderie and fast friendship. This award is seasonally given to the player who best represents the qualities of an ally.

Past Recipients    

Season 24 - Garrett Schiponi
Season 23 - Bryan Sanders
Season 22 - Andrew Gordon
Season 21 - Matt and Sam Cline
Season 19 - John Boyd
Season 18 - Stephanie McDaniel
Season 17 - Ben Hunt
Season 16 - Linda Pratt
Season 15 - Jorge Membreño
Season 14 - Amanda Livingstone
Season 13 - Drew Halunen
Season 12 - John Clemons
Season 11 - Andy Pratt
Season 8 - Brendan McFarland
Season 7 - Bill Cammas
Season 6 - Marvin Washington

Michael “Snowy” Snowden Sportperson Award

Snowy demonstrated all the best qualities of a team player, on and off the field. He was a genuine joy to have on your team; he went out of his way to provide positive support to and be inclusive of not just his own team members, but everyone in the league whose path crossed his. This award is seasonally given to the player who best represent these qualities of sportsmanship.

Past Recipients    

Season 24 - Dwaylan Applewhite
Season 23 - Tony Smith
Season 22 - Shaq Brooks
Season 21 - Brandon Tuell
Season 19 - Mike Osorio
Season 18 - Darryl Pilate
Season 17 - Sean Karson
Season 15 - Drew Halunen
Season 14 - Long Diep
Season 13 - Matt Gillette
Season 12 - Bryan Sanders
Season 11 - Stephen Tackney
Season 8 - Sam Brown
Season 7 - Steve Gong