November 19, 2017

After facing off with the Sandjobs in the Semifinals, the Jordashians fought off the AC Slaters to become the Champions of Season XV!

Other winners of Season XV:

Male MVP: Jordan Anderson, Captain of the Jordashians

Female MVP: Nikki Kasparek, AC Slaters

Outstanding Offensive Player: Scott Graham, QB of Whorange

Outstanding Defensive Player: Greg Carter, Sandjobs

Legends Award: Mark Hofberg and Steve Gong

Charlie Salem Award: Sam Brown

Male Rookie: Daniel Allen, Jordashians

Female Rookie: Kristin Lynch, QB of the Power Blue Pussy Whips

Sportsperson: Drew Halunen, Captain of the Red Thot Chili Peppers

Golden Whistle Award: Brandon Waggoner

Best Boo: John Reid, Boo of Captain Alonzo Mable of Graphite

Best Fans: The Pham Family

Best Ally: Jorge Membrano, AC Slaters

All-Stars for Season XV:

Dirty Goose Division: Bill Cammas (Forest), Brandon Waggoner (Baby Blue), Jordan Anderson (Black), Oliver Jacobs (Royal), Evan B. (Forest), Adam Robbins (Baby Blue), Jared Lucas (Baby Blue), Lindsey Walton (Forest), Adam Strasberg (Baby Blue), Kyle Veldman (Black), James Rowe (Forest), Derrick Johnson (Neon Green), Levert James (Orange), Alonzo Mable (Graphite), Brandon Benjamin (Pink), CJ Babb (Orange)

Uproar Division: Mark Hofberg (Sand), Scott Graham (Safety Orange), Greg Carter (Sand), Nikki Kasparek (Slate), Sean Karson (Teal), Cameron Burrell (Safety Orange), Bryan Sanders (Safety Orange), Steve Gong (Safety Orange), Dan Shaver (Slate), Miles Simpson (Power Yellow), Dylan Eike (Teal), Amanda Livingstone (White), Marvin Washington (Power Yellow), AJ Reust (White), Donald Mitchell (Slate), Antwon Hines (Power Blue)

Rec League Awards:

League MVP: Kirk Yancey

Offensive MVP: Jens Pifereon

Defensive MVP: PJ Morgan

Best QB: Drew Halunen

Male Rookie: Dan Vladimer

Female Rookie: Stephanie McDaniel