November 23, 2016

Congratulations to Sexual Chocolate on being Season XIII Champions!  Last week, Brown advanced through the playoffs by a combined +19 points, surpassing Hot N Gold 40-27 and slipping past Sky Curious 28-26.  In the Semifinals, Brown faced Vegas in a rematch from their FNL battle and held on to the win, 21-18.  In the Super Bowl, Sexual Chocolate dominated the field, scoring 30 points, with the final two being a return on a try by the game MVP and sweetest guy on the field, Sean Karson. In the final game, Brown had 4 TDs (Karson x2, Kostyk, and Allen), 4 XPs (Karson, Cammas, Harvey, and Allen), 1 Return on a Try (Karson), and 2 regular interceptions (Karson and Kostyk).  For Vegas, Sean Gard and Barry Mauck scored TDs while Patrick McIntyre and Sean Bartel had INTs.