Spring 2024 Supplemental Registration

Supplemental Registration is now OPEN! Supplemental Registration is for any players or social members who missed out on joining during the regular registration period but still want to participate in the Spring 2024 season (Season XXVI). Head to our website and refresh the appropriate registration link until the form becomes active. The Supplemental Registration fee is $90 for all players (new and returning) and $25 for all Forever Family members.

Women’s+ Division Supplemental Registration

Open Division Supplemental Registration

Note: Similar to regular season registration, we may not be able to add every player who registers due to a cap on team size. Payment of the player registration fee ($90) will not be requested until March 29th once we have confirmed we can add you to a team. Players selected during the Supplemental Draft will be eligible to play beginning with Week 4 games on Sunday, March 31.

Supplemental New Player Workshop (Sunday, March 24 at 2 PM)
Please note that if you have not played in the DCGFFL before, you MUST attend this New Player Workshop to be eligible for playing in this season. The workshop will last about one hour and will consist of three sections: 1) a warm-up with one-on-one route running, 2) stations to learn about offense and defense in the league, 3) a pick-up game with veterans.

March 15, 2024
9:00 am