July 14, 2021

Gay Bowl is quickly approaching! We want to bring the best players in DC to Gay Bowl, so we need you to register! Our DC teams have a legacy of bringing the most competitive teams in the country. Just last month, the Generals finished 4-0 at Pride Bowl in Chicago and the Avengers were positioned well to dominate on day two before the tournament was called due to inclement weather.

Click here for more info about DC’s Travel Teams.

Every year, we send our DC flag football athletes to two major flag football tournaments, Pride Bowl and Gay Bowl, to represent DC against other national teams. To provide maximum flexibility in the unique circumstances of reopening, the DCGFFL Board and Travel Program leaders have agreed to suspend the standard protocols and to select new teams separately for each tournament (Pride Bowl and Gay Bowl). The 2021 travel season will be treated as a “gap year” and we will move back to a 5-team format in 2022.

Click here to Register for a DC Travel Team.

Registration is now open to play on a DC Travel Team in the Open Division of Gay Bowl 2021: September 30th–October 3rd in Tempe, AZ.

Our women players are also invited to optionally register for either or both of the Open Division and Women’s Division. DC’s elite Women’s Division team, the Senators, manages player selection separately and will be provided this registration info.

Questions about the travel program? Please email DCGFFLTravel@gmail.com.