June 25, 2020

On the occasion of Pride Month, and with the spirit of community in mind, we have officially named two season awards after two important members of our community who have passed on. These players will be sorely missed, but we will remember and honor their spirits whenever we play.

  1. John Boyd Ally Award. Boyd was an incredible ally to the community. Though he didn’t identify as LGBTQ+, he lifted our community up through his actions, leading on and off the field, and demonstrating all the best qualities of allyship. His big smile and bigger heart never failed to elevate and uplift his teammates in competitive camaraderie and fast friendship. This award is seasonally given to the player who best represents the qualities of an ally.
  2. Michael “Snowy” Snowden Sportsmanship Award. Snowy demonstrated all the best qualities of a team player, on and off the field. He was a genuine joy to have on your team; he went out of his way to provide positive support to and be inclusive of not just his own team members, but everyone in the league whose path crossed his. This award is seasonally given to the player who best represent these qualities of sportsmanship.

In their memory, we are re-sharing the tribute video that played at TAP.