April 29, 2022

Playoff Format and Seeding

Our 18-team season will conclude with a single-elimination tournament across two Sundays. On May 15th, a total of 14 games will be played to end the day with Final Four teams. These teams will face off in the semifinals and super bowl on May 22. All games are at Carter Barron.

Each of the two divisions will have teams ranked 1-9. The odd teams from the Kiki Division will play the even teams from the Dirty Goose Division and vice versa. The four teams that are seeded 8th and 9th in their division will play in cross-divisional matchups in the two early games, following which, the remaining games will resemble a standard “sweet 16” bracket.

Playoff Schedule - May 15th

  • Slot A (2 games) @ 8:30 AM
  • Slot B (4 games) @ 10 AM
  • Slot C (4 games) @ 12 PM
  • Slot D - Quarterfinals (4 games) @ 1:45 PM

Semifinals and Super Bowl Schedule - May 22nd

  • Semifinals @ 10 AM
  • Finals @ 12 PM
  • Season-End Celebration and Award Ceremony - Dirty Goose @ 3pm