March 23, 2022

Recreation League Registration!

The Recreation League is a supplemental league that runs in tandem with the regular league. It is primarily for those who want to develop their skills, try new positions, or try out the DCGFFL for the first time. The Recreation League is open to everyone - FREE for those playing in the Sunday League, and $35 for all others!

This season’s game dates are Fridays April 8, April 22, April 29 (regular games), and May 6 (playoffs and championship game). Games begin at 6:30 PM, and warm-ups may begin as early as 6 PM. This season’s regular games will be played at Brentwood Hamilton Park, located at Brentwood Hamilton Park, 1300 6th St NE, Washington, DC 20002. The playoffs and championship game will be played at The Fields at RFK Campus, 401 Oklahoma Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002.

Spring 2022 Recreation League Registration will open on Wednesday, March 23, at 7pm! At that time, refresh the registration link until the form is active.

Register here starting March 23 at 7pm!

Registration will close Sunday, April 3, at midnight!