February 2, 2024

Spring 2024 - Registration Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to play? 
    • The registration fee is $90 for new players and $75 for returning players who register for 1 division.The registration fee is $105 for new players and $90 for returning players who register for 2 divisions.
  • What does my registration fee cover?
    • Registering will give you a spot in the Spring 2024 Season, a regular season T-shirt, and a team jersey, among other things! You'll need to buy your own POCKETLESS shorts and football cleats to participate. Football gloves are also highly recommended.
  • What is the difference between Open Division and Women’s+ Division?
    • Last year, in alignment with numerous city leagues and the NGFFL, DCGFFL introduced a second division to our league known as the Women’s+ Division. This division adheres to the same rules, schedule, and regular season game structure as the Open Division. While the Women’s+ Division is open to all, similar to the Open Division, its primary purpose is to offer enhanced playing opportunities and a supportive environment for individuals who identify or wish to play alongside those identifying as Women’s+ (including women, gender expansive individuals, such as female, non-binary, AFAB, transwomen, etc.).
  • Am I allowed to play in both Open Division and Women’s+ Division?
    • Players who wish to play in both Open Division and Women’s+ Division are welcome to do so. If you decide to play in both divisions and have games at the same time, you’ll need to decide which game to play in. The Board will do its best to schedule games to minimize schedule conflicts for those who play in both divisions, but the final game schedule will not be determined until after teams are drafted.
  • Where are games held this year?
    • Both Divisions will play games at Carter Barron Soccer Fields (698 Kennedy St NW, Washington DC) on Sundays.
  • What does it mean if I’ve been waitlisted?
    • If you’ve received a confirmation indicating you’re on the waitlist for the Open or Women’s+ Division, don’t worry – there’s still a solid chance you’ll be able to play this season. In both divisions, spots tend to open up as some registrations drop out, creating opportunities for additional players. In addition, we usually have a Supplemental Registration (opens at the end of March) which is for any players or social members who missed out on joining during the regular registration period but still want to participate in the Spring 2024 season.
    • Additionally, for Women’s+, we are aiming to grow the division to six teams, but to ensure fair drafting and correct team size, we’re beginning the waitlist once we’ve filled slots for four teams. Before we can confirm we will have six teams and open up the additional player spots, we need to ensure we have enough quarterbacks and captains.
  • How can I become a part of the league without participating as a player?
    • If you’re not looking to play this season but still want to be an integral part of our community, consider joining our Forever Family program! For a $25 registration fee, you’ll receive a regular season t-shirt, exclusive invitations to all our social events, and the opportunity to be drafted as a “Social Member” to a team. This registration is specifically designed for non-playing members who wish to stay actively involved in our community.
  • Can you tell me more about the recreation division and when sign-ups will begin?
    • The Recreation Division operates alongside the league’s Open and Women’s+ Divisions, providing an opportunity for skill development, positional exploration, and a welcoming introduction to the DCGFFL. Sign-ups are scheduled to kick off in late March, and we’ve set the game dates for Fridays from April 12th through May 3rd. Games will be played from roughly 8-9:30 PM at the Brentwood Hamilton Fields across from Union Market.