May 23, 2016

Congratulations to Boaty Call for their two wins on Sunday, May 22.  Overall, Navy advanced through the playoffs by a combined +7 points. Navy slipped past Forest Green, 34-33, and outlasted Graphite in Overtime, 48-47.  In the Semifinals, Navy faced Neon Yellow and held on to the win, 27-24, and then faced Purple to scrape out a 32-30 win in the dismal rain.

This Superbowl made Adam Strasberg’s third championship (Season 3 - White ‘Great Whites’; Season 4 - Tie Dye Blue ‘Tsunami’; and now Season 12 - Navy ‘Boaty Call’).

Navy’s Roster: Adam Strasberg (Captain), Bryan Sanders (Quarterback), Aaron Ross, Baxter O’Brien, Bobby Bosfield, Brad Allen, David Pittman, Gabe Avila, Kendrick Daniel, Marcus Kendrick, Randy Snight, and Wil Coachman.

Congrats again!