Weather Safety Policy

The DCGFFL will abide by the following policy when making decisions related to ongoing or expected inclement weather. All participants of the DCGFFL are expected to work together and abide by these guidelines to ensure a safe environment for playing flag football. Participants should understand that this policy provides general guidelines and may not fully capture every scenario in which inclement weather may limit the DCGFFL’s ability to play games as scheduled and without interruption.

Games are generally played as scheduled unless weather is expected to be or deemed to be a danger to player safety. In addition to player safety, potential impact to field conditions may also be considered when determining whether games can be played as scheduled.

Suspension of Play

If games are ongoing, play will be suspended under the following inclement weather conditions:

  • Lightning detected (via weather radar or sound of thunder) within 8 miles of the fields
  • Active warning for hazardous weather (e.g., tornado warning, severe thunderstorm warning, etc.)
  • Any other conditions deemed unsafe for continuation of play

If play is suspended because lightning has been detected:

  1. Players should immediately leave the fields and Shelter in Place inside an indoor building or their vehicles. Players should NOT shelter in place underneath trees or other outdoor structures (e.g., gazebos, dugouts, etc.).
  2. Play will be suspended for at least 30 minutes.
  3. Play will remain suspended until lightning is no longer detected within 8 miles of the fields (or thunder is not heard) for 30 consecutive minutes.

Minor Schedule Changes

The Board may decide to reschedule games if minor adjustments to game times would facilitate safer playing conditions. Captains of relevant games will be consulted prior to making an official decision to adjust game times.

Major Schedule Changes - Cancellation of Games

The Board may decide to cancel a day of games if weather conditions are expected to be unsafe for players or detrimental to the long-term health of the fields.

Factors that may be considered include:

  • Likelihood of completing all scheduled games during a reasonable time window
  • Potential for long-term, detrimental impact to the playing fields
  • Managers of fields deciding to limit the use of fields due to weather or other factors
  • Any other conditions deemed unsafe for play

The Board will aim to make a decision on potential cancellation of games by 1) 7 PM on the evening prior to any morning games or 2) 9 AM on the morning of any afternoon or evening games. Participants should understand that the significant forecast uncertainty may remain within this timeframe, and a final decision on potential cancellation may need to be delayed until closer to the start of games. Additionally, last minute decisions may have to be made if expected weather conditions are dramatically changed from prior forecasts.

If games are canceled, the Board will communicate the decision to players by sending a league-wide email and by asking all captains to notify their team members directly via GroupMe or text message.