S21 Week 6 Power Rankings

1 Jam it In (Purple) 5-1

Coming off of a pillow-biting win, Purple handedly took care of business this week, moving them into this week’s #1 spot. Here’s the team’s response to congrats at Dirty Goose:

2 Blew Ball Busters (Carolina Blue) 5-1

While Carolina Blue had a rough game cough 2 INTs on Ben H, this team has consistently proven themselves. 5 Ws is still a tremendous record, but the cracks in the offense are wide open now. With Cammas not making it for playoffs, will this team be able to adjust?

3 Care Bears (Cardinal Red) 4-2

They had a shoestring team this week, but, honestly, 7(in) is all you need.

4 Shipfaced (Navy) 4-2

Tough loss for the team this week, but Levert and Holleran are a force on the field. As we round out the season, they are certainly a team to track through playoffs.

5 Into the Thicc of It (Forest Green) 4-2

Goodness, what a Cinderella story of a game! With JC’s parents on the sidelines, the team rallied around and won by sheer positivity and heart. In a Friday Night Lights moment, it all came down to 2 extra points with seconds left. Captain Austin P ran a crisp route with a perfect catch that sealed the deal for a W, leaving the sidelines stunned.

6 Fire in the Hole (Red) 4-2

Creeping up in the rankings is Brandon W, who, even without BB and Del, has been making strides. A solid W this week over Gold puts them within spitting distance of the Top 5.

7 Iron Curtain (Iron Gray) 3-3

Andy Pratt’s new father status must have also come with the manual What to Expect when You’re Quarterbacking because he looked great this week leading his team to a W over Navy. Joe H’s yelling at the refs notwithstanding, of course.

8 Blue-m for You (Royal) 3-3

Never say you can’t build a team around Joe Owens. Joe’s 6 touchdowns over Neon Orange feels just a tad disrespectful. Here’s Joe and team around TD #4, probably:

9 Celine Neon (Neon Orange) 3-3

Despite a forceful rush, Neon Orange couldn’t stop this trainwreck.

10 Toxic sLIME (Lime Green) 3-3

Due to a forfeit, they had an easy W. Hope they had a relaxing Sunday!

11 Cadet Kellys (Kelly Green) 2-4

With almost a full roster of players and a team that is slowly gelling, they overwhelmed Black to a comfortable W this week. TBD on how well this team will hold with a couple of tough matches still to come, but, in the meantime:

12 Blackbeard and the Booty Pirates (Black) 2-4

Amanda and Jorge’s wedding really took the wind out of the sails here. WIth Cline MIA and Danny H out for the season, Shane L stepped up as QB3 and was able to lead a pretty solid offense during the second half. How do we get Shane to QB next season?

13 The Golden Gurls (Gold) 1-5

Bryan J pretty much every Sunday:

14 Silversatile (Silver) 1-5

Overheard in the DCGFFL, Ben M edition:

16 The Cream Team (White) 3-2 (UNRANKED)

After a tough loss to Purple, this team–in a “I’m-taking-My-Toys-and-Going-Home” mood–forfeited this week.

Gotta play to get ranked, girlies.