S21 Week 5 Power Rankings

1 Blew Ball Busters (Carolina Blue) 5-0

Tony B and Ben H are seemingly unstoppable, as they sit as the League’s only undefeated team. They easily and deftly handled the Silver team this week in a 42-6 blowout. With just Forest Green and Royal Blue ahead of them, it’s pretty likely they’ll be rolling into playoffs with an 8-0 record, but, as we all know, playoffs hit different, and Ben H has never made it out of the semi-finals. Will this be the year?

2 Jam it In (Purple) 4-1

Purple hit the field with something to prove and this was THEE match-up. Purple death-dropped and split all over that field to put a stop to White’s winning record. And, yes, they did score from there.

3 Shipfaced (Navy) 4-1

While one of their players might have lost a tooth during this game, Levert and Keith made sure to fill the gaps here to a narrow win over Lime. Levert could be heard on Sunday at Dirty Goose talking about how the A Division is “so much harder.” Maybe so, but we’re looking forward to seeing who stands out in a couple of weeks.

4 The Cream Team (White) 4-1

I’m sure the White team’s GroupMe has heard quite enough from this team’s captain, but maybe they should not have had a mixer the night before a big game?

5 Care Bears (Cardinal Red) 3-2

After back-to-back losses, the Care Bears seem to be back in-sync and taking down teams with their relentless positivity and some clever playmaking. If only they could tighten up that defense.

6 Celine Neon (Neon Orange) 3-2

Helmed by Derrick J and Pat S, this team has seen quite the climb. Pat played safe and smart, and with the help of a lackluster defense from Forest, Orange was able to clinch a win. Will they be able to maintain consistency from here on out to climb even higher?

7 Into the Thicc of It (Forest Green) 3-2

Tough loss for Forest Green where the team just couldn’t find its groove. Live look at JC at Dirty Goose after this game.

8 Fire in the Hole (Red) 3-2

A messy W is better than no W, right? (See: Tempe, AZ 2021)

9 Blackbeard and the Booty Pirates (Black) 2-3

You know what’s really fun about this team? All the dogs on the sidelines.

10 Iron Curtain (Iron Gray) 2-3

Joe H on the sidelines when his team won with superstar rookie, Amanda, back.

11 Toxic sLIME (Lime Green) 2-3

It all came down to one call on whether or not Twon was in bounds on a 2pt conversion. I think we’ve all seen this movie before.

12 Blue-m for You (Royal) 2-3

Trainwreck has exactly 7 plays and, well, each and every one of them worked on this Kelly Green defense.

13 Cadet Kellys (Kelly Green) 1-4

Father’s Day came twice this year in this battle between League veterans Trainwreck and Tony S. A few dropped balls coupled with a particularly porous defense has Kelly Green in search of a new dad.

14 The Golden Gurls (Gold) 1-4

Let’s look on the bright side: it was a close game for Gold!

15 Silversatile (Silver) 1-4

All of us on the sidelines watching literally any of the 5 interceptions thrown this game.

16 Blue-a Lipa (Atomic Blue) 0-5

As Adele said: “Go easy on me.”