Season 25 Power Rankings: Week 7

1 PLAYBUOYS (Navy) 7-0

Song: Oops…I Did It Again, Year: 2000

OMG! Another win for the Playboys on the field and a super cute win at the Mid-Season Halloween party. They’re becoming unstoppable, but next week’s game between Seafoam could reveal, if any, cracks in this team’s hull.

2 No Foamo (Seafoam) 6-1

Song: …Baby One More Time, Year: 1998

My hat goes off to Seafoam. You only beat us (Maroon) by one point, but you played a great game. Going into next week’s game against undefeated Navy, do they have what it takes to hand them their first loss of the season?

3 Disco Cowboys (Silver) 5-2

Song: Scream & Shout, Year: 2012

We’ve probably made a few comments about this team in our power rankings, but they had a great Sunday playing a doubleheader against Texas Orange (OT) and Gold. Both games were close and we all heard about them from across the fields… Exactly what you’d expect from another Twon and AJ duo. 

“Bring the action”

4 Beet It (Maroon) 5-2

Song: 3, Year: 2009

THREE! We’ve been the Game of the Week THREE times this season. Each time we’ve given you well-played games with close scores. TWO! We lost two games to the current top two teams in the league. ONE! We lost two games by ONE point and we always play as ONE team. The entire team plays a role in every win! Love yall!

5 Magnum (Gold) 5-2

Song: I Wanna Go, Year: 2011

Rookie QB, Nick is having a great season. You can’t win them all, but he’s proven he can win most. A potential Game of the Week is their next game against Carolina. 

“I, I, I wanna go-o-o all the way-ay-ay”

6 Tar👠s (Carolina Blue) 5-2

Song: From the Bottom of My Broken Heart, Year: 1999

Ouch! I don’t have much to say about this game. Carolina had a lot going against them on Sunday. I understand your quarterback was missing, but did you get a few pitch plays down the field at least…

7 It’s Giving Jarhead (Marine Green) 4-3

Song: Stronger, Year: 2000

Heading into the last regular season week, Marine Green has found themselves in the middle of the pack and proving to be a very competitive team. It’s giving…STRONGER THAN YESTERDAY!

8 Choose Violets (Purple) 4-3

Song: I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet a Woman, Year: 2001

You almost had Seafoam in the last few minutes of the game. Unfortunately, you gave them enough time to drive the ball down the field for a TD and the win. 

“I used to think I had the answers to everything. But now I know that life doesn’t always go my way, yeah”

9 Left You On Red (Red) 3-4

Song: Gimme More, Year: 2007

After a couple of back and forth picks, Red came out on top against Lime. I hear this game was very positive between both teams. We NEED MORE OF THIS!  

10 Coralingus (Coral) 3-4

Song: (You Drive Me) Crazy, Year: 1999

From the sidelines it seemed Coral was having some intrateam disagreements which is odd because they got the win.

This is a good team..a great team! Let’s hope by Week 8 you’re starting to get “NSYNC” with each other. #oneband #onesound

11 Hay Gurl Hay (Texas Orange) 3-4

Song: Hold Me Closer, Year: 2022

Some mistakes and a missed catch down an open field might have lessened Texas Orange’s chances against their opponent. Although Silver got the win in OT, this team is stacked with talented defensive and offensive players - maybe people partied too hard over the Halloween weekend.

12 Glazed and Confused (White) 3-4

Song: Boys, Year: 2001

White played a very hard, tough game against Navy but just couldn’t grasp the win.  Captain and QB pair Joe O. and Sanders were bringing it in the stats this week…save something for the rest of your teammates, though…

“I’m so glad we’re at the same place at the same time…”

13 The Icebergs (Sapphire) 3-3

Song: Break the Ice, Year: 2008

Uber drivers in the DMV are NEVER reliable (even during a scheduled marathon) which resulted in a late QB for Sapphire.

They were able to “break”Andy P. out of retirement to step in as quarterback for most of the first half. Upon Garrett’s arrival, they turned up the heat on Maroon, but ultimately fell short.

14 Neon’s Messi (Neon Pink) 2-5

Song: Lucky, Year: 2000

This is a story about a team named “Neon’s Messi”. With only six players present, they managed to walk away with their second win of the season. Could the absence of Carolina’s QB have played a part in their victory? A win is a win

15 2-5

Song: (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction, Year: 2000

I’m not sure what happened here. Winning their first two games of the season during a double header weekend last week, this doesn’t look like the same team. Where is the energy? 

“I can’t get no satisfaction. I can’t get no reaction”

16 The Boy is Lime (Lime) 2 - 4

Song: I Love Rock N Roll, Year: 2002

A team of ‘good-time-guys/gals’ gave it their all against Red, but unfortunately couldn’t pull off a win. No worries – I hear they all found solace in post game chicken baskets and a bucket o’ beer at Nellies. We love a team who enjoys Sunday Funday!

17 Plan Bees (Yellow) 1-6

Song: Sometimes, Year: 1999

Sometimes you have to sacrifice your body to help your team win - thanks Blake! Sometimes you have to know where your end zone is located when you intercept the ball – poor Judy. Though, most times extra points are important and being short two points doesn’t feel great. 

“Sometimes I run. Sometimes I hide”

18 Hardwood Forest (Forest Green) 0-7

Song: Work B****, Year: 2013

“Hold your head high, fingers to the sky. They gonna try and try ya, but they can’t deny ya. Keep it building higher, and higher”.