Open Division Season 26 Power Rankings: Week 7

1 Royal Tightness 💙 (Royal Blue) 8 - 0


Since Generation 1 (the original 151 pokemon for non pokemon fans), Charizard has been a mainstay in the Pokemon games. Since Week 1, Royal Tightness has continued to stay relevant in the league rankings. This week is no different. Is Charizard a little boring to Pokemon fans now? Yeah. But after another two wins this week, they continue to show why they are at the top.

Week 5 (1st): I’d say I’m surprised, but it seems like we’re getting a repeat of Season 25 with JC leading his team to an undefeated season. To make matters worse, Royal was missing about a third of their roster and they still won…

2 You Got Moss'd (Forest Green) 7 - 1

This week You Got Moss’d proved to be a versatile team with everyone getting a little bit of the action. Levert, Brendan, Twon, and even AJ getting points on the board. This team has multiple offensive strategies going into the final week, that is if they decide they want to play their game.

Week 5 (5th): The girlies will be mad you’re this high in the rankings. However, you dodged a bullet with this forfeit and you know it! I hope you enjoyed your Sunday Funday.

3 3-6-9, Damn Good Lime (Lime Shock) 6 - 2


Damn Good Lime put up a good fight this week in their double header. Like Machoke, Ben has an arm with multiple strong receivers to throw to this week- like Tom, Dawson, and Nick. On defense, it was Sack City with Tevin and Isaiah getting some flag pulls throughout the day. This team can put up a fight, but they are no Machamp after losing their second game by just four points.

Week 5 (3rd): I was expecting more from this team. Maybe more exciting plays, maybe more points on the scoreboard. I can’t quite put my finger on it. But sitting at number 3 this week, this team has something going right.

4 Neon My Face (Neon Orange) 6 - 2


It is fitting to give Neon My Face Chansey, as Keyur went full doctor mode to help Sean with a dislocated finger. Despite the injury, the team bounced back and beat Seafoam by 9. Bryan could learn to share the egg with his teammates a little more after racking up 26 points himself.

Week 5 (18th): Wait, what? What are we doing? How did we get here? Trust me, I am shocked too. But listen, when you take yourself out of the game, this is where you end up. Hopefully, it is only temporary.

BTW - How was Coachella? How was brunch, Aaron B?

5 Grey 4 Pay (Dark Grey) 5 - 2


Was Matt H’s unsportsman-like conduct this week a sign of a louder, more aggressive Gray 4 Pay? Probably not. The quietest team in the league gets the one of the chillest Pokemon. Matt C has a hyper beam of an arm with strong receivers like Lindsey and Jared to throw to. However, it is unfortunate that after being up by a touchdown at half time, Gray slept on the win and lost by ten.

Week 5 (7th): It was one of the closest games of the day and these players held it together to come out on top. Great plays by the Matt duo leading their team to victory. With two double headers coming up, can this team take it all the way?

6 Blacked-Out Barbies (Black) 6 - 2


The Blacked Out Barbies have incredible speed stats and are quick to move the ball. But his week they were more or less a one trick pony. Besides a touchdown from Mike and 2 point conversion from Thomas, 27 of the 35 points came from Paul.

Week 5 (2nd): I like the energy on this team. Finding themselves almost at the top, this week’s doubleheader against very tough teams might be a tough ride for these Barbies…

P.S. Kozak, bring more sideline snacks this week

7 Field of Creams (White) 5 - 2


Field of Creams were able to cut through their opponent this week with an incredible show on offense. Michael, Oriya, and Randall all clenching pick sixes. I am sure they were bugging Coral during what became a very one sided game at the end.

Week 5 (6th): The talent on this team is pretty remarkable. I can tell Captain Michael B. wants another shot at the championship game this season.

8 Pink Pony Club 🐴💗 (Neon Pink) 4 - 4


Garchomp can be a fierce competitor or their opponent can have an ice beam and take them out. Unfortunately, Lime had an ice beam this week and stopped the Pink Pony Club’s defenses.

Week 5 (9th): It was a close game for Pink Pony Club and Olive. Luckily, Pink surpassed their opponent despite some confusion on a touchdown. BTW, do we still have that PEP rule? Just wondering…

9 The Hot Ones (Cardinal) 4 - 4


There were high expectations for this team. But with Lamar out for surgery (get better soon, Lamar!) and Cam unable to attend this week, the team was not able to evolve into a legendary force.

Week 5 (4th): Coming off the field, CRR was a bit miffed that the sideline was silent even though you were in no danger of losing against Atomic. The big reveal was Zo’s jersey being ripped off by the opposing team. If I got a quarter every time a jersey ripped on the field…I’d be able to buy this team some sideline cheers.

10 My Little Foamies (Seafoam) 3 - 5


Like My Little Foamies, Abomasnow has some great stats, but the Ice/Grass type has quite a few weaknesses. With one of their stronger players MIA and Jean Henry getting sat out after two person fouls, they were frozen and unable to recover against Neon Orange.

Week 5 (8th): First off, I would like to comment card on the FIVE 9:00am games our team had on the schedule this season. Luckily, we play the last one this week – you can sleep in a little Jean. We finally found our stride last Sunday winning both games. A second double-header Sunday will hopefully bring another double win for these Foamies.

11 The Extra Virgins (Olive Green) 3 - 5


Lapras is a fun, popular pokemon, so when they play you expect them to be more effective than they are on the field. Despite their best efforts with three interceptions by Juan, Brandon, and Art, they were unable to freeze out Black.

Week 5 (10th): An even split on Sunday and overall record for these Virgins. I saw some great plays from this team on the field and can see them being “extra extra” dangerous during the playoffs.

12 Bellagi-Hos (Vegas Gold) 3 - 5


It looks like the Belagi-Hos have finally shown up and it only took until week 6 and 7. This week they won both double header games in fierce competition with Yellow and Atomic Blue. Shout out to Birthday Boy Bradley, who came to play and got two sacks and a touchdown.

Week 5 (16th): You fought hard and put up a good challenge against Seafoam. A win might be in your future this week or maybe next week…or the week after that.

13 Blue Bombers💊 (Light Blue) 3 - 4

The Blue Bombers came into this week charging through Cardinal with Luis, Brandon B, Bryan and Sam all running down touchdowns. It may be bullish to say, but they may be getting the momentum for a strong run at the playoffs.

Week 5 (11th): The average age of this team is [redacted] but they still got it. Though they didn’t quite show it this week against White; they’ll need to go big for a win this week.

14 Whoral (Coral) 2 - 6

Whoral sort of dug their own grave this week after a few too many pick sixes that allowed white to overtake them. But it is great to see many of them at Sunday Funday. Even after a loss they still pop out of the ground and go out afterwards.

Week 5 (15th): Talk about a battle! I heard this team was so close to tying the game and going into overtime had a certain player not made a last-second mistake. We all know the regular season is “just for fun” and I can see this team doing some damage during playoffs.

15 The Atoms Family 🫰🫰 (Atomic Blue ) 2 - 6


Like a Flamethrower, tempers ran high this week between Atoms Family and Vegas Gold, resulting in the refs calling on both teams to stop complaining after every call. However, their double header wasn’t all drama as the Atoms Family were quick enough to pull out at least one.

Week 5 (13th): This team has a lot of spirit. I love the sideline chants and overall energy. I hear the second half of the game did not fare well for The Atoms, but they sure know how to have a good time at Sunday Funday.

16 Grape Sexpectations 🍇 (Purple) 2 - 6


Grape Sexpectations is a fun team with a lot of energy. Like Pikachu, they are not always competitive, but they are a mainstay of the league. Hopefully the spark catches in the last week.

Week 5 (12th): Sunday wasn’t too great for Grape Sexpectations and things got a little heated on the sideline from the offense. They played their second doubleheader weekend of the season against the number one team in the league (Royal) and a team that’s on its way to a top spot (Seafoam). Shout out to My Little Foamies

Don’t let last week get you down, you’re playing Vegas Gold next…you’ll be fine.

17 Urine Trouble (Yellow) 1 - 7

This season has been a rocky one for Urine Trouble. For this reason, you get a badass pokemon. Rock on.

Week 5 (14th): I was rooting for you on the sidelines. I think the team knew its fate long before the game started but, they played with a lot of heart and enthusiasm.

18 Green Peen Queens (Marine Green) 0 - 7


Gengar is one of TJ’s favorite Pokemon. After another hard fought game that led to a loss, I thought I would try and give one of their players a win.


Week 5 (17th): I’m impressed. No, for real. I’ve never seen a team with a whiteboard and Expo markers charting out X’s and O’s at halftime. The organization and professionalism is superior, but this team just can’t figure out the right strategy. Don’t worry, queens, your butterflies will take flight one day.