Women's+ Season 2 Power Rankings: Week 5

1 Blue Baracooters (Carolina Blue) 4-1

I don’t know if they don’t get out enough, or if there’s such a thing as “new mom telepathy”, but Jayme and Meg were completely in-sync this game. Jayme also got to live out her long awaited slot-receiver dreams and took full advantage. Camille attempted to dress up like Zeke Elliot for Halloween, sporting her jersey as a crop-top all game. There was a lot of trash talking on Friday……but if you listen closely, it sounded more like whining with angry undertones. There were on-field debates on flag guarding and bull rushing…..if only we had a ref to get things under control.*cough Ashley cough* Overall, the Cooters played well, however, lime green was only a couple points away from stealing the W from them. Is this a sign of Blue running out of steam?

2 Green Eggs Gone Ham (Forest Green) 4-1

This week forest green had to play lean! Captain Sam Cline prioritized futbol over football and had an injury that kept her out of the game. But her squad held it down #NikkiWho?  In her Week 5 season debut, Mariam played all over the field and got reps in at corner, rush, and slot. She even surprised herself (and perhaps some of pink) and scored a touchdown. Desiree and Taylor brought their hands to offense and defense catching TD’s and intercepting passes. A BIG shoutout to Erin who stepped up to play center! It’s clear Forest’s offense and defense are pretty solid whether they have 9 or 16 players. Let’s see if they can hold off the newfound momentum of Lime Green next week.

3 Squirters (Lime) 1-4

Okay Lime! We see you, stepping it up and coming two points from clenching a win over the top seed! Pretty sure no one saw this coming… including maybe…yall. How did y’all get there, let’s recap? Rusher, Jac applied pressure and landed a few sacks. There’s still an ongoing debate on whether they were legal rushes or bull rushes, but, no matter. Mer moved well in the pocket with the support of their blockers. Em and Court were making plays on both sides of the ball.

Mal, a rookie to the league, played cone for the first time against a formidable opponent, and did quite well. Elle made a surprise appearance and scored a touchdown for the team. Linda held down the defense but she’s still hoping to grow a few inches. And lest we not forget Lindsey’s one-handed catch?!? Lime green played quite a game this week and is definitely in the running for most improved team.

4 Weird barbies (Neon Pink) 1-4

BarbieLand was as empty as a case of Truly’s on a Sunday Funday. The Barbies were down to only one sub this night! Maybe everyone was preparing their overly used Barbie costumes for Halloween? Mecha closed her rings and got all her steps in by playing both sides of the ball… I’m sure she regretted it afterwards.

Also making her week 5 season debut, Toya! Welcome to the league. On offense Alley was coming for Tiara’s neck as a blocker. Make no mistake Jillian was a clear game MVP and was the biggest threat for Pink. As the number one receiver, Jillian’s play had Forest green shift their defense. She had great punts for kickoff, a touchdown and almost ran back an intercepted 2pt conversion for more points before she ran out of gas. And we don’t blame Jillian. Maybe she’ll get a little more help next week. Let’s see what Pink has in store for us during the final game of the regular season.