Women's+ Season 2 Power Rankings: Week 6

1 Green Eggs Gone Ham (Forest Green) 5-1

Mariam returned for another game, albeit late (or just in time) and good thing she did. Miriam caught 3 catches in a row, and didn’t drop a pass, except that one! Miriam may also have a future as a rusher, applying pressure and racking up sacks - even if the refs didn’t call it. Desiree and Taylor did what they do best on defense and offense, breaking up passes, catching the ball between multiple defenders, catching passes over people shorter than them and even catching the ball with one foot out of bounds. Captain Sam recovered from her injury and returned to block. The week off may have done some good. Sam held off Lime’s rushers, released when QB Lizzie needed options, and even ran the ball in for a TD with the help of an extra long arm extension…according to her husband Matt…the referee… Erin returned at center and was a consistent checkdown. Although Forest has proven pretty consistent, if they take the week to polish their offense and defense, they’ll be unstoppable during playoffs.

2 Blue Baracooters (Carolina Blue) 5-1

Last week, I thought Blue was showing signs of losing steam, but after further evaluation, I have concluded that they are just complacent as top seed. I mean, they’re winning but not giving us their best. Tonight we got to see what happens when you mix Meg + High Noons = False Starts. Marla, who typically leads the team in sacks, left Pink’s QB unscathed, but she caught a pass so – yay? Nik forgot who her teammate was and ended up swatting a pass for Camille. Also on the non-receiving end was Stacy…perhaps it was jet lag or playing defense too long. How do you say “I left my hands at home” in Japanese? Heck, even the adjacent soccer game didn’t want it for them, as a rogue ball stopped QB Meg from unleashing her inner Lamar Jackson… or Daniel Jones… or Eli Manning?

Maybe the Cooters are reserving their best for playoffs, I guess we’ll find out on the field next week.

3 Squirters (Lime) 1-5

Deja vu much? Yet again, lime green goes up against a top seeded team and almost pulls out a win, but in the words of Brandy “Almost doesn’t count”. It may have been a different game if Lime was able to hold on to interceptions. Don’t let Em’s and Linda’s Spongebob arms fool yah, they were jamming at the line and forest green couldn’t handle it. Per usual, Lindsey brought her hands and had 2 picks and a touchdown. What she managed to forget was her uniform. I don’t know if she is over lime green or just didn’t do laundry. Maybe next week, Squirters should consider changing their name to Limearitas. It seemed to work for Elle. When you give her one margarita, she scores a touchdown. Imagine if yall had given her two…

4 Weird barbies (Neon Pink) 1-5

The Barbies called in reinforcements this week…but somehow having more people did not translate into having more touchdowns. I guess there isn’t power in numbers. Since the roster was heavy, some players had the chance to support in other roles. You can usually find Bre rushing at someone’s kneecaps, but tonight she was a receiver. The only thing she did not receive was a touchdown. She went from pulling flags to flag guarding. The refs should have taken pity on them and just given them the TD. Too bad Rachel is on IR because they could have used her defensive prowess. Googles “how to heal a dislocated shoulder in 6 days”. And Mecha played too, I think. Well, good thing they had Alley to hold off the pressure coming from Blue. Maybe during next week’s playoff they’ll rip off the plastic and act brand new!!