Women's+ Season 2 Power Rankings: Week 3

1 Blue Baracooters (Carolina Blue) 3-0

We get it we get it, y’all are the best and your roster is stacked, bleh bleh bleh. This week QB Meg made a return, but not for long, and let Sara B and Jayme QB for the second half! Carolina Blue is really living up to their team name Baracooters, by having several players (Nik and Sara) catch passes with their cooters. I personally use mine for different purposes,but to each their own. Not much more to say about Blue, except your winning is starting to bore us! You one trick winning pony!

2 Green Eggs Gone Ham (Forest Green) 2-1

The only shutdown that happened Friday was Forest Green shutting down Lime Green.

No Nikki, no problem! QB Lizzie spread the ball with TDs and extra points by DyTiesha “DT” D., Nour, and Taylor H.. Although Taylor won MVP, the last P may stand for penalties instead of Player!

Let’s not discount this team’s silent but effective defense. There were a “few” sacs and a handful of interceptions.

While Forest green proved they are the superior green this week, we’ll see who will reign supreme when they rematch in week 6!

3 Weird barbies (Neon Pink) 1-2

“P - panic, I - interceptions, N - not their week, K - still not their week.”

Pink took advantage of Blue’s QB change and Austyn caught a pick6. But for every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction, because you could also find Austyn playing some aggressive defense and riding the back of Blue’s receivers…this isn’t a rodeo, it’s flag football.

At this point, I’m sure Pink wishes they could get the mojo back from week 1. Maybe they should change their name to Cher Barbie so they could “Turn Back Time!”

We know their morale took a turn after they lost their captain to an injury. Let’s give them a few more weeks to get adjusted… *whispers*Psst…..there’s only 3 games left in the season”… but we know you got this!

4 Squirters (Lime) 0-3

Another team that may have to consider a mid-season name change. Maybe Lime-AID instead of Squirters. I don’t know if QB Mer knew which green she was throwing too as she threw to forest green more than she did to her own team. But she wasn’t afraid to run the ball under pressure, and Forest gave them a lot of it. Lime’s defense helped pick up the slack and forced Forest into a lot of tough 4th down situations. Captain Linda Pratt led by example with a lot of pass breakups and pulling flags like they owe her money!

We hope lime uses the bye week to regroup, and uncover that potential we know they have! We love an underdog story….or you can just be satisfied with closing your rings!