The Kozaks - S21 Week 4

1 Blew Ball Busters (Carolina Blue) 4-0 Previous Ranking #1

Spotted before the game: Ben H. treating his achilles with a massage gun. You wouldn’t even know this was a problem by watching him play. This guy knows how to roll out of the pocket and complete a beautiful downfield pass. It doesn’t hurt that all of his receivers are over 6’ 3.”

2 The Cream Team (White) 4-0 Previous Ranking #2

Even though I cringe every time I read “The Cream Team,” I can’t help but be impressed. They were already stacked BEFORE their supplemental addition of Daniel H, and he’s already earning a Game Ball after his first showing on the field in 2 years! Don’t forget MVP Jeff M - see live footage of Jeff tracking down Atomic Blue.

3 Care Bears (Cardinal Red) 2-2 Previous Ranking #4

The Care Bears took a huge hit (no pun intended) with Stacey’s season-ending injury. Other teammates couldn’t make the game for various reasons, but rest assured these caring, cuddly mates still have an AMAZING future! I mean, who doesn’t want to hop on this Care Bear train??

4 Into the Thicc of It (Forest Green) 3-1 Previous Ranking #8

Missing their fearless leader, Austin, Forest still came out on top with a tight win over Kelly Green. JC’s confidence at QB is growing as he gets more experience on the field. Jordan’s ego is taking root, too. He better watch out with all that trash talk after the game; he might earn the new nickname of trash(ed) panda. We love you, Jordan!

5 Shipfaced (Navy) 3-1 Previous Ranking #5

Levert had every reason to live up to his team’s name after beating a previously undefeated team. He was so confident, he was already celebrating at Goose on Friday night!

6 Jam it In (Purple) 3-1 Previous Ranking #3

Purple lost this week, ruining their chance at an undefeated season. What a shame to lose by just one touchdown. I must confess, I still believe (still believe). When you’re 3 and 1, I lose my mind. Jam it in just One More Time!

7 Fire in the Hole (Red) 2-2 Previous Ranking #14

Tensions were tight, but Red eked it out by one point over Iron Gray this week. Adding Ocho during supplemental really put some fire under their tuchuses!

8 Toxic sLIME (Lime Green) 2-2 Previous Ranking #10

Lime has a lot to be grateful for this week: 1) an impressive win with only 7 players, 2) a beast of a supplemental pick, Eric Green, and 3) DCGFFL’s fave power couple Tajwon continues to reduce their bickering! What more could they want, you may ask? How about some substitutes next game?!

9 Celine Neon (Neon Orange) 2-2 Previous Ranking #9

Derrick and Pat had a slow start to the season, but clearly something has clicked with this team. Maybe it’s because Pat joined his team for the first time ever to have fun after the game? I didn’t believe it either, but there is photo evidence!

10 Blackbeard and the Booty Pirates (Black) 2-2 Previous Ranking #6

The league’s favorite mascot can be found on the sidelines with this team. His name is Kobe. Oh right…sorry, I got distracted by the cuteness. Black got their second L this week in a nail biter against Royal. Tough loss, hope you find comfort in Kobe.

11 Iron Curtain (Iron Gray) 1-3 Previous Ranking #7

It’s no secret that Joe knows how to draft a talented (and good looking) team. Andy P is spreading the ball and finding open looks. They just couldn’t quite pull off the win, losing by 1 point. Ouch, that hurts.

12 Blue-a Lipa (Atomic Blue) 0-4 Previous Ranking #16

What a fun team! Have you seen this roster?? Why is their record 0-4? I’ll leave that up to your own imagination. I have a hunch this team will be getting their first win really soon. Let’s hope so anyway…or just bring on the mimosas!

13 Cadet Kellys (Kelly Green) 1-3 Previous Ranking #11

QB Tony needs to shake a little rust off, but wow is Kelly Green happy to have a steady QB back in place. They lost a close game to Forest. Don’t be surprised if you see this team start making huge jumps in the rankings in the next few weeks. OG DCGFFLer, Tony, will be helping his team make steady gains.

14 Blue-m for You (Royal) 1-3 Previous Ranking #15

Jared came ready to play, helping Royal secure a 2-point win against Black with some solid defensive plays. Can Royal keep climbing in the rankings? I don’t know, but this is at least a good start!

15 Silversatile (Silver) 1-3 Previous Ranking #12

Silversa-tile? More like silversa-stuck. QB Ben M has a deadly cannon; he just needs to figure out how to use his new superstar supplemental pick, Nikki. She’s the key to their offense, but that’s not enough to keep other teams from scoring. Silver may need to figure out a new, more creative defensive strategy…

16 The Golden Gurls (Gold) 1-3 Previous Ranking #13

Gold has had a rough go this season. With another loss behind them, they’re hopeful things will turn around with Sean H as a back up in the pocket and new teammate Justin P coming in. In the words of Dumbledore, “Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it.”