Season 24 Power Rankings: Week 4

1 Dom Trops (Tropic Blue) 3-1

Fernando: To save Derrick H from attacks, yes I’m the anti-hero. But facts are facts, America! They kept it close without Mark and J Bear and only lost by 2 touchdowns. Ben and Danny connecting on some long passes. Daniel blocking and catching. PLUS they added a threat from the supplemental. Have everyone together and they will continue winning. But as I said, facts are facts. Barely any pressure on Cam like last week. The constant fear that Danny will get an interference call when he can’t block a good receiver. If you need your more experienced (😘) players to win, then yea. You will lose.

But yes, I just did this. Was good bbz? Pull up.

2 Pink-182 (Neon Pink) 5-0

Fernando: You did what needed to be done, but it shouldn’t have been this close at all. They were without key players. Like no sacks, really? Baby, when you match up with Dom Trops in the playoff, it’s going to be a mess like a shirtless Derrick Johnson at Kiki dancing in the new second-floor patio on the Sunday Funday that just passed.

(Live your best life, baby!)

3 Daddy, Chill (White) 5-0

Fernando: Compared to other writers, I don’t have and will not spend time talking about JC. Plus, me and last season’s Purple teammates know Twon loved this win.

But also, you know you shouldn’t have given them hope. This win was not amusing.

4 Tight-anium (Silver) 3-1

He’s back. The Jedi master has returned. I only imagine they are saying “thank goodness!” because I don’t think they could survive another game with Marv being QB.

5 Blue-ty Callers (Carolina Blue) 3-1

Fernando: While I was cussing up a storm for giving Tony Stewart a high five, I saw that y’all were having a cute little game against Daffodilfs and won in overtime. But let’s be honest: you only won in overtime when they had an injured Hotchkiss??? It should have gone more like this:

6 Diva Cups (Maroon) 2-2

Fernando: You get a mistake. And you get a mistake. We all get mistakes. But seriously, we need to stop having these mistakes. Derrick is becoming good on both sides of the ball and will be a threat. No one can touch Andy because of Obie and Kozak. We have the best sidelines. We need to get it together. That being said, being the league leader in roughing the quarterback ain’t it 🫡.

P.S. Derrick: I think my favorite moment of the weekend was like an hour after our game and someone asked me if we had a second one. When I said no they responded “Then why are so many of you still here??” We were hydrating, snacking, and being jovial. PERIOD!

7 Atomic Blue Villains (Atomic Blue) 3-2

Derrick: This team’s two losses have come against the teams leading their respective divisions at 5-0 (White, Super Pink). This team is good, but time will tell if they can find one more gear and become great.

8 Boat Stuff (Navy) 2-2

Derrick: This team is wildly inconsistent. We’re reaching the point of the season where teams are starting to cement their identity but I really don’t know which side of this team we’ll get moving forward. Is it the one that looked unstoppable and scored 71 points in week one, or the team that lost to a formidable Atomic Blue three weeks later?

9 Papa Cherries (Red) 1-2-1

Fernando: Oh, I know Aldrian hated this loss. I mean yea, they fought back, which was shocking and cute. I’m surprised Tracy hasn’t ejected Aldrian out of a game like Twon almost did last season. Poor Gordito was the only one ejected.

10 Deep in the Bush (Forest Green) 1-2-1

Fernando: Man, they are fighting. After everything that has played out, I know they are going to have a glow-up. I know Binder will make sure of it.

11 Mean Green Kelly Machine (Kelly Green) 2-2

Fernando: Based on what I saw, things are moving on up. I read the other writer’s comments and I think I’m starting to see things clicking. I mean how could they not? I mean Jim is a good QB. He only tells you who he’s planning to throw to with his eyes.

12 Daffodilfs (Gold) 1-3

Hotchkiss! Tell Zach Brown that we said hey. We also hope he takes you to go get your injury checked because it shouldn’t be multiple colors.

13 Royal Tenenbottoms (Royal Blue) 1-3

Derrick: Getting that first win is always such a good feeling. You’re a bit looser going into the next week. Some of the pressure is gone. And, with a matchup against a currently-middling Yellow next week, there is a real chance they could start a little streak here.

14 Fanta-sies 🍑 (Neon Orange) 3-2

Derrick: Fernando, what are you doing? Putting this team all the way down here and then leaving their power ranking blank? This is a personal attack against me.

Anyway, the throwback Fanta logo patches on the jerseys were a nice little touch and ca-yute! Chris vs Lamar was fun to watch and Oriya had some wild catches, thriving in his first season not playing QB. Chris did get everyone the aforementioned patches and they went 2-0 on the day. That’s a solid Sunday.

The gif below is dedicated to Fernando:

Fernando: I mean let’s look at the teams they beat. I will say Ben was looking good out there and Oriya was showing why he was one of their top pick (even when he won’t be here for playoffs). But I guess this is what they wanted:

15 These Grays, They're Trying to Murder Me (Concrete Grey) 1-3

Fernando: If you are in Concrete Grey and you are reading this, you need to mind your own business and start wondering who’s going to be your QB next week because y’all need to get something going.

16 Mellow Yellow (Neon Yellow) 1-3

Fernando: Alright Daniel D., you said no twink jokes so let’s have an honest conversation. You have little Mike, Dan King, Kev, Tyler, Chris, and the rest of the DCGBL. Your team shouldn’t be struggling like this. Focus on your throwing accuracy because you’re making Uncle Rico look like an elite quarterback.

17 Plumshots (Purple) 1-4

Derrick: A one-possession loss against Fanta-sies stings. Three of their five losses on the season have been by one possession. Gather yourselves soon so this season doesn’t become a big ole stain!

18 Pit Crew (Olive) 0-5

Derrick: This team has too much talent to be winless. I saw some flashes on Sunday, and while this ranking is fair for now, I’m keeping an eye on what the Pit Crew is building moving forward.