Women's+ Season 3 Power Rankings: Preseason

1 Bluebies (Navy) Jaimee S. / Emily B.

Move over Lynch, we have a new Denver QB in the DCGFFL and she’s ready to make a name for herself. Paired with Em, who may finally be on a team with a winning record, this duo may be the first real team coming for Meg’s title. With a good mix of vets and rookies, this team looks primed to have a strong first game. If they do come up short, all is not lost, at least Em isn’t on a lime green team.

2 First and Gold (Gold) Kristin Lynch / Shayne Madella

New captain Shayne and returning QB Lynch have a lot to be excited about this season with a roster packed with veteran talent. With the least amount of rookies on the roster, Captain Shayne doesn’t have to spend a lot of time teaching. Her time would be better spent convincing her team to play defense. This team is also most likely to have the best inspirational speeches by a QB.

3 Green Beans (Kelly Green) Megan Lukacs / Amy Smith

In a surprising turn, the returning champion Meg is coming in as 3rd seed. To be fair, new captain Amy and returning QB Meg were probably having a hard time remembering who were vets and who were rookies. Other teams shouldn’t get comfortable though because these authors have no doubt that Meg and Amy will quickly start climbing the ranks.

4 Orange is the New Flag (Texas Orange) Lizzie Becker / Lex Pfearsen & Camille Thompson

New Captain Lex and Returning QB Lizzie have the veteran knowledge of recently turned bionic Camille. Hoping that Camille’s talents on the field are equal to her leadership off, this team should have no issues with claiming some victories. This team has plenty of veteran knowledge to spread with their starting lineup, especially in the defense department.Texas Orange will need to giddy up and start grooming for their playoff run earlier, as their QB is moonlighting as a marathon runner during championship weekend.

5 Red-y or Not (Red) Meredith Morgan / Judy H.

New Captain Judy and Veteran QB Mere look to take the league by storm early, as their team is full of potential surprises with a plethora of brand new names and talents. While Judy was present, and Mere was able to FaceTime on Sudafed into the draft, they were MIA during TAP, leaving new players confused with many drink tickets and no direction. Rumor has it Judy was recruiting new talent in PR, just working on registering them for supplemental.

6 SapphicFire (Sapphire) Kori S. / Steph McDaniel

 Returning Captain Steph and Veteran Player, new QB Kori are in charge here. Now this team is run by some oldies, but goodies. Combined involvement in NGFFL around 73 years. New to the QB circuit, Kori is looking to focus on developing their style, as well as playing in a position known for fewer injuries. This team is chock full of receivers, so hopefully there will be some fabulous plays coming down the pipeline. Steph will have a lot of coaching with the defense, getting some receivers to play 2-3-2 and not run routes. We will get back to you after Kori reviews this weekend’s film.