Women's+ Season 3 Power Rankings: Week 2

1 Orange is the New Flag (Texas Orange) 1 - 0

The championship that never was. Lizzie proved to the entire league that had this game happened last season, Carolina Blue would’ve had a run for their money. Someone tell that team that those winning medals were given, not earned. Texas Orange is up and down this stat sheet with sacks, INT, and TDs. I have it on good authority that they were pretty mad about their 4th place ranking last week and they were trying to prove a point to this anonymous duo. (BTW, we don’t take kindly to being mocked at Sunday Funday and I was outvoted on putting you at 6th on that alone). It is hard to poke holes in this team, though the fields at Carter Barron might do that for me. Let’s hope Lizzie *cough* Keely *cough* can keep the momentum going.

2 First and Gold (Gold) 1-0

We knew this team was going to be a force to be reckoned with, however, we were not expecting to be at this level. I would like to think that my callout last week of the showdown of the Denver QBs led to this strong week one performance, but to be honest I think it can be chalked up to Lynch having the hair out of her face. Despite the high score, Lynch, Christine H., and Meg B. hold the only stats for the team. Oldest people in the league carrying the best team on their back. Just please don’t break it. Our team sizes can’t handle any injuries. Slightly impressive that Lynch has weapons like Shayne and didn’t even need to use her. This team is going to be hard to beat when they’re on.

3 SapphicFire (Sapphire) 1-0

SappicFire: This 80 for Brady captain/QB duo came out hot against Red-y or Not. Red had no idea if Kori or Sarah was going to be receiving the snap, as this team setup consistently in a wild cat offense. Some believe that a professional offensive coordinator was hired for week 2, but Kori is claiming it is all self designed. Overall, I was impressed by this team and their rookies performed outstandingly across the board. I hear this week a new play will be added to the routine incorporating a few gymnastics moves and a giant slingshot. Overall Sapphicfire put on a show. Thank goodness they still have the earlier game time this week to not interfere with bingo at the community center.

4 Bluebies (Navy) 0-1

Fan favorite team name Bluebies gave the DCGFFL a chaotic show on Sunday. One would say they did not perform as well as anticipated with receivers confused and wearing frying pans for gloves and defense forgetting to cover Christine. New QB Jamiee and captain Em kept their cool in the chaos and started to look more organized by the end of the game, but gold had already taken control. This writer is hopeful Navy’s status will rise once they get another game under their belt and add some additional talent during the supplemental draft to replace some ghosts…

5 0-1

Red-y or Not: Red was almost ready for kickoff with 7 players at kickoff. Thankfully Em Lefler showed up 5 minutes in and supported the team on offense and defense with both a TD and INT. Red was also not ready for the chaos caused by Sapphicfire’s AP level offensive coordination. May I recommend reviewing the film for the next matchup? The low player counts had everyone playing both sides of the ball, causing QB1 Mere to chase down Kori, with the highest level of athleticism, embraced their inner Josh Allen, and laid out for the flag pull on an INT. While this was exciting, and prevented a TD in that moment, the play, took Mere out of the game due to age related injury. Overall, the passion and skill are there, if this team can get everyone to the field ontime, I would not discount them.

6 Green Beans (Kelly Green) 0-1

Let’s just say that no one on this team was eating green beans for Sunday Dinner. The final team making us eat our words, Green Beans. There is not a lot to say about this game this week. The defenders on this team caught better than their receivers. This game proves that there is a lot to be said about team chemistry as it looks like this team has 0 of it. At least the babies were cute.But readers, don’t mistake my criticism for a lack of faith. We saw a lot of good on the field on Sunday from the Green team and once they get that chemistry down, they can easily crack the top 3.