Women's+ Season 3 Power Rankings: Week 3

1 First and Gold (Gold) 2-0

Who needs Denver? First time QB, long time all-star Shayne, shows that she truly is a jack of all trades who can play any position. Making her first QB debut, Shayne scored 26 points this week spreading the ball out on her offense. This experienced team showed the reason for the name as they set the early season record for the longest drive (probably) by marching down the field in a possesion that ended in…an INT. The only cracks this duo saw in this team is trusting the refs a bit too much where they almost punted the ball on a 2nd down. We knew any team led by Shayne and Lynch would be impressive, but this powerhouse of a team is the one to watch.

2 Orange is the New Flag (Texas Orange) 2-0

So close, yet so far. Down one from last week, Orange is the New Flag has dropped in our rankings and on the shade. Despite what the readers may be thinking, this is not the result of what will surely become a season long grudge, this week, blame the lower ranking on the Red team for boosting Gold’s point differential. Orange played Sapphire this week and threw 2 INTs, the Orange team followed in their own footsteps for a victory over Sapphire. By far the quietest game of the day, where this team lacks in volume it makes up with talent. Another strong showing on the ref stat sheets, this team is proving to be the one to beat.


3 SapphicFire (Sapphire) 1-1

In hopes of beating the ageist allegations, these authors are no longer making comments on the average age of this team; we will leave that up to the team themselves; they know what they are. With a score of 12-36, they left it all on the field (last week). Rookie Sarah M. continues to impress, walking away with 2/2 of the team’s TDs this week proving that when not in the pocket throwing to the actual QB, they are an impressive receiver. This team has enjoyed a third place spot for two weeks, but this duo thinks that this reign may be coming to an end with Kelly Green right on their heels after their first win. Hopefully this bye week gives this team the time for a little R&R (rest and retirement) to sleep off all those early

4 Green Beans (Kelly Green) 1-1

Well, this team was able to pull out a win in a 6 vs 6 game where the other team was missing their starting QB, a rusher, and a blocker. Honestly, quite shocked at the score of this game, considering the circumstances. QB Meg looked like a young Lamar, running all over and dropping dimes to Austyn in the end zone. Green Beans also had their #1 cheerleader, Amanda, moonlighting as a receiver, back in action sans brace. While she made a pulled hamstring look like a juke, the cheers never stopped, which showed quite impressive cardiovascular health. Best cheer of the day “These Beans are Steamed” could be heard throughout Carter Barron. We still have not figured out if anyone would actually like to eat these steamed green beans… Regardless, the Green Beans are really starting to come alive as the nice team, which no one would have been able to predict on draft day. Captain Amy was deemed sportsperson, and even told the Ref squad that a call in her favor was incorrect, and had them reverse it! We are looking forward to see if these beans can reach the tallest stalk after supplemental when their pod numbers should increase.

5 Bluebies (Navy) 0-2

This team cannot catch a break. Injuries, travel plans, illness, quite possibly a plague all tried to prevent this game from happening. Thankfully this division hates a forfeit, unless it’s the championship game, and pushed forward to play with six! Shoutout to Maria for rushing and blocking for these poor berries. Em did a great job holding down the fort as QB and shared passes with all five teammates. We really get the vibe that the berries and the beans were both looking to lose to increase their Supplemental Draft day odds… Merril made her debut in Women’s+ and dominated in the end zone, MVP Dana pulled in 15 points, Court had a game changing INT, and Leah had many receptions to drive the ball downfield. This team has so much potential, if only a whole bushel of Bluebies would show up.


6 0-2

  1. Easter cannot come soon enough for this team. We all hope that like JC, they can rise up from beyond the stone tomb on Sunday and be ready for the first April games. Last week, we thanked everyone for not chirping at the Refs. This week, we would like to say, too soon, as this team was not happy with any calls by our lovely all Women’s+ crew. QB Mere worked to bring the ball downfield, but First and Gold was ready for every play. Jacq got by veteran Commissioner Jayme, to sack Shayne, both Judy and Val had interceptions as well. These efforts were not enough to fight back Gold’s scoring. Fingers crossed that amongst the peeps, reeses, and cadbury eggs in their Easter basket, the bunny also left them a #1 Supplemental Pick, and higher attendance. We love the passion and heart of this team, but they need to start working together or risk holding down the last spot in the power rankings for the foreseeable future. I hope next week we can sing responsively:

Anonymous Duo: “They have risen”

Red-y or Not: “Risen indeed”