Women's+ Season 3 Power Rankings: Week 4

1 Orange is the New Flag (Texas Orange) 3-0

This team came out strong in the first half with 3 TDs, a sack, and an extra point. QB Lizzie does not play favorites and loves to share the wealth, throwing TDs to three different receivers throughout the day. Maria, Tiff, and Keely all brought in a TD. Defense was also strong for Orange, as Keely had two INTs and claimed MVP for the league. I am not sure what happened to Orange in the second half, as they quieted down and had the game come way too close for comfort against last place Red. This team started the year off in the middle of our rankings, but at this point, they are looking to be the team to beat. Hopefully they maintain cool and calm for the rest of the season and start training up someone new to throw TDs during playoffs…

2 First and Gold (Gold) 2-1

Parting is such sweet sorrow- Gold as they kiss goodbye to their undefeated record. In a nailbiter of a game, this matchup was determined by one point. When the team needed their defense the most, they vanished allowing Green the 2 points they needed for the win. Despite the final result, this team played well on Sunday with plenty of stats. No doubt that this team recovers quickly to make sure that this is their first and only loss for the rest of the season.

3 Green Beans (Kelly Green) 2-1

The only thing certain about this division are the captains becoming QB options for next season. Captain Amy, hot off her sportsperson recognition from last week, showed off her arm at Carter Barron on Sunday leading her team to take down the now once defeated Gold team. Look out QBs, when Amanda leaves her brace on the sidelines she is proving to be a tough rusher with 2 game changing sacks. Though a long way from their week one shutout, this team has yet to rise from the 3rd spot. With the strength on this roster, these authors have held out hope for this team every week to dominate, but they may just be waiting until playoffs to show what this team can really do.

4 Bluebies (Navy) 1-2

Welcome to the team Tracy C. Boy is QB Jamiee happy to have this talent on her team. Thankfully, the rest of Bluebies decided to show up in numbers, greater than 5, and put turned in their frying pans to start catching passes from their QB. While Tracy was lighting up the runway, the rest of her teammates followed in stride, rocking the latest DCGFFL fashion: Court came out hot, with two TDs, Em prevented SapphicFire from scoring too much with some wild INTs, and Alley was implemented with quite a few dink and dunk first downs. If this team can stay healthy and keep showing up, they might jump quite a few spots on this list. Here’s hoping no more injury and misery for the Bluebies moving forward.

5 SapphicFire (Sapphire) 1-2

How does a team with two of the best rookies in the league end up here? Honestly, not really sure. Sapphire has plenty of tricks up their sleeve to keep any defense on their toes, but unfortunately it also seems to do that their offense. These authors think that this Blue team could benefit from going back to the basics because the talent is there. Coming into the second half of the season, we hope that Sapphire can come out with that same fire that we saw in week one.

6 Red-y or Not (Red) 0-3

The prayers worked. The bunny hath delivered. They have risen indeed! This team has more players and are better than ever. It is a matter of time before they take home their first win. Mere and Judy selected wisely in the supplemental bringing out two vets who immediately made an impact. This Red team gave Texas Orange a run for their money, and just came up short in the final moments. Holding them all to one TD in the second half was quite impressive. Mere found Pam twice in the end zone and Rachael once; a difficult task against the mighty Texas Orange. These authors believe within the next two weeks Red will start to move up in the rankings whether the rest of the division is Red-y or Not.