Women's+ Season 3 Power Rankings: Week 6

1 First and Gold (Gold) 4-1

Still reeling two weeks later after losing to Kelly Green’s back-up QB/captain Amy, Gold came out to this game with a chip on their shoulder. After weeks of analyzing game tape and asking the entire league how they lost this last matchup, Gold was ready for this game. Word has it this captain QB matchup could be found on the sidelines reviewing plays as they happened. Technically still undefeated against starting QBs, this team is going into the end of the season with no competition in sight. I’m sure it has nothing to do with having the W+ commissioner on the roster…

2 Bluebies (Navy) 5-2

To the tune of Rihana *That was quite a show…you really had me going*. Y’all, Navy has been all over the place this season. From a preseason number 1 ranking to dropping far out of grace for the number 1 supplemental pick, this team has risen from the ashes and is not at all humble about it. Jury is still out on whether or not the Navy team was told the first game was Week 5 so they could stack their roster going into the second half of the season. Board, I would like an official investigation! I think the supplemental pick-ups have a lot to do with this team’s recent uptick in performance (read attendance). Now not worrying about fielding a full team, Navy can focus on what it does best, letting Dana catch every pass. There is no mistake about it, this week’s 59-7 game was impressive; though not very fun to watch.

3 Green Beans (Kelly Green) 3-2

True to her word that nothing matters until playoffs, QB Meg on Sunday was just having a great time playing some football, no win necessary. Not sure what is going on QB 1s this season, but I am just glad it looks like they are having a ball. Facing off against number 1 team, Gold, the Green Beans put up a good fight but in the end, lost to Gold by 8 points. It could’ve been by at least 2 if Meg had thrown to Ashley’s hands instead of her face. Props to Green for still running routes while trying to run over their blocker.

4 Orange is the New Flag (Texas Orange) 3-2

After enjoying some time at the top, Orange wanted to see what it was like on the bottom half of the rankings. I’m not even sure if the ads come down this far. Suffering from some game time injuries, this team plays with a lot of heart and you have to admit they are pretty fun to watch. We’ll call this a mid-season sump for Orange is the New Flag. Hoping for them it doesn’t turn into a second half blowout.

5 SapphicFire (Sapphire) 1-4

Shaking the cobwebs off is Sapphire’s new QB 1, Sarah M. The former QB 1, Kori was busy moonlighting as star receiver who’s hips don’t lie (or break!). This is a tough week to face off against the league’s newest QB all star on Navy. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can say that is shadier than the final score of this game. Looking ahead to next week and the newly awakened Red tem, this team is going to have to show up and show out if they hope not to drop to the bottom of the rankings.

6 Red-y or Not (Red) 1-5

Coming off a win at the Midseason Party where this team was given a participation trophy, this team decided to close off this weekend with a real win too. Em L., the team’s backup QB impressed the entire league with her lights out performance against a league heavy hitter, Orange is the New Flag. For once on the other side of a blowout, the team finally put it together for this team’s first win…6 games in. There is a lot of work left for this team if they hope to move up in the rankings and in our hearts, but given what we saw on Sunday, this team might even finish out the season ranked 5th.